Hi, I'm Aleksey Weyman

My name is Aleksey Weyman and I love what I do. I am the founder and owner of seven independent businesses, all profitable and increasing monthly at rates of 1-4% in both revenue and lead generation. I have the freedom to travel the world and manage my teams remotely, confident that no roadblock or hurdle is too big to overcome. I am not blinded by fearful thoughts and, as a result, I get to enjoy time with the people that matter most to me, without feeling anxious or worried about life. Today, I wake up with a smile on my face.

But it wasn't always that way. I've worked 9-5 office jobs for years, a slave to the clock. My first ten business startups failed, and those that I was able to pickup off the ground, didn't see growth for months, no matter what I tried. My operating expenses began to outweigh my revenue. I had too much month at the end of the money and still had to find a way to pay rent. I had no freedom to travel the world, and the stress of failure began to creep into my personal life, poisoning everything that I had. I felt discouraged and hopeless.

Whatever challenges you're facing in your business or personal mindset, just know that it's okay. Success is reserved for the people that confront these challenges and find ways to overcome them. Both my business and personal development journeys have been treacherous, but through them I've been able to find the real strategies and lessons for success. I started my Content Library as a place to show entrepreneurs and small business owners how to really grow their business, and to show dreamers and leaders the undeniable strategies to achieve a mindset of success. I truly believe that these lessons and strategies can help you achieve business and personal success, as they have for me.

Wherever you go, go with strength.