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Millennial Moderator’s Brilliant Content Marketing Ideas


..a passionate musician and a Washington University graduate in Technology Innovation Management, Aleksey Weyamn always thrilled to introduce his extraordinary ideas to the world...


From Hobby Product to 3,000 Users/Month


..Millennial Moderator is not an online newspaper, but rather a guide of applicable tips and methods for improving the quality of life in areas like business, technology, and lifestyle..


How I Coded A Blog From Scratch And Monetized It


..treasure chest of valuable insights on how to get ahead in life- both personally and professionally. Today, we are averaging $500 USD/month and around 3000 monthly readers, with imminent plans to scale upward..


Approaching Record Labels and Getting Your Tracks Signed


..had the pleasure of sitting down with Envious Audio and talking about the relationship between artists and record labels in 2019, as well as how StoryTime is doing things differently..


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